Year round there are pigs, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, goats and perhaps one or another field mouse running around on our farmyard. All the animals like to be petted to the joy of our younger guests.

The farmer's guests

Where do we start to tell you about or farm? Perhaps by telling you about »Adam« & »Eva«. The two black miniature pigs are the absolute darlings of all children! And some of our guests like to don rubber boots and smell the country air in the barn. Sometimes there’s quite a lot of action behind the house, especially when the cheeky goats managed to escape again… but with everyone’s help, the goats are captured and peace and quite is soon reestablished.
Our »Opa« Alois has the farm under control since many decades. He is a passionate farmer and the modern farm with natural cow keeping (calf remains by mother cow) is his pride and joy. Alois take good care of the cows and calves in the barn during the cold months, and are pleased when our guests visit them on the Alp during the summer.
Oh, and another thing
: many farm products are refined to culinary delights in our kitchen. Once across the farmyard – the way between the producer to the customer cannot be any shorter!
Our first tractor
The stables 1962
Hay making in the 60s's
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